📯 02/04/23

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4 February, 2023

📝 Week 1 — This time, for sure.

  • 📲 New blog, who this? I have been re-building this site with Hanami & Tailwind, following the W3C's Micropub spec (mainly so I can l...

3 February, 2023

📯 01/31/23

Crumpet does this thing where she throws herself around in her bed to get comfortable — this was how she landed.

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31 January, 2023

📝 Ruby learning materials.

I often get asked about recommendations for resources to learn Ruby (and how to program, generally). This list is intended to catalogue the v...

Tagged: ruby

30 January, 2023

📝 Deploying a Hanami 2.0 app to fly.io.

I have a couple of small hobby apps that were on Heroku's free tier (RIP) that I have now moved over to Fly.io. Fly.io has a migrate from...

22 January, 2023

📝 Managing dotfiles.

It's not often that I get a new computer, but on the odd occasion that I do, I like to have all of my config prepared and ready to copy o...

22 January, 2023

📝 Naming things is ~hard~ fun

Like most people*, I like to name the various devices in the house after a theme. For the longest time, my devices were unnamed, until I move...

5 January, 2023

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