A map showing the route from Rotorua to Auckland, via Hobbiton
Lake Rotorua in the morning
A Hobbit hole
A Hobbit hole with a yellow door
Honey jars lined up on a table
A Hobbit hole with a green door
A Hobbit hole with a light blue door
A Hobbit hole with a dark blue door
A view of the bridge Gandalf rides over in The Fellowship of the Ring
Bag end
The back of the Green Dragon
A look back towards the bridge in to Hobbiton
A tree with lanterns in
A view of lake Rotorua
A sulphur beach
Rotorua's museum building
Bubbling mud pools
Silica covered rock with a couple of steam vents exposed
The largest geyser at Te Puia; dormant
The largest geyser in Te Puia; active
The view of Lake Taupō from town, looking towards Mt Tongariro in the south
A screenshot of Apple Maps showing the route between Taupō and Rotorua
A geothermal pool
A geothermal vent under some rocks
A path through a redwood forrest
A stream of incredibly clear water with some ghostly looking plant matter below the surface
The sun shining through the edges of a redwood forrest
The canopy of a redwood forrest
A straight path through a somewhat dense forrest
The road out of Wellington, heading north
A view of "craters of the moon", a field of geothermal steaming vents
A panoramic view of one of the craters of the moon
A misty view of the crater fields
A walkway disappearing amongst a sulphurous mist
An otherworldly looking pool of mud, bubbling from heat escaping below
A vigorous stream leading to the cliff of Huka falls
Huka falls, a waterfall partly obscured by a tree
Abby standing on the edge of a crater
A screenshot of Apple maps showing the route from Wellington to Taupō
Visiting the Kuttners
Retreating to the car to eat fish and chips. A gull sitting on the bonnet, watching us eat
The actual birds from "The Birds". A line of sea gulls watches us eat
A selfie from the top of the dam in Zealandia
The view of Zealandia from the top of the dam
A Takahe munching on grass
The Wellington waterfront with Te Papa in the distance
A view of Wellington from Te Papa
A view of Wellington from Te Papa
A woven basket used to trap eels
The entrance of a woven basket used to trap eels
An array of 10 carved paddles
Two fishing baskets hanging at a slight angle, lit from the front casting a shadow on the wall behind that revels their form
An excerpt of pages from a book detailing how fishing baskets were made
New Zealand Parliamant
An Apple Maps screenshot showing a route from Tongariro to Wellington via Whanganui
A snowy landscape showing a snow-covered Mount Ruapehu in the distance
A snowy landscape with the silhouette of Mount Ruapehu on the horizon
The snowy view from our room's patio
The road out of Skotel
Tawhai Falls (Gollums Pool) — A waterfall
A selfie in front of Tawhei falls
A monument in the middle of a roundabout
A cute weatherboard building panted in a lemony pastel with "Frosty Moons" written on the front in a dark blue
A line of 6 penguins graffitied on a wall
A screenshot of Apple Maps showing directions from Auckland to Tongariro National Park
A landscape
A whole mess of stalactites
A cave with stalactites littered across the ceiling
A stalactite in the form of a curtain
A closeup of a stone formation that looks like coral
A silo with windows on the front
A flock of seagulls taking off
Ferry building
A latex bust of Adam Savage
Sky Tower
Scale model of a castle
Scale model of a castle
ANZAC War Memorial
Panic's Playdate — a small yellow handheld game console with a crank
Hamer Hall
Canberra Theatre Centre
A landscape with a road running off in to the distance
A path in the bush with a small river crossing
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
A landscape
A landscape with a path running off in to the horizon
A hilly landscape with some houses in the valleys
Yiayia’s Greek Bakery
Two dogs in a field
Landscape with a clustering of gumtrees
2 toasted and buttered hot cross buns and a cup of coffee
Telopea Park
Telopea Park
The Cupping Room
Garema Place
The stage at "The Forum" in Melbourne.
Forum Melbourne
Essendon Station
A bowling alley with a neon sign that says "the keys"
Photo of the earth and sky with a yellow to blue gradient
Photo of the earth and sky with a yellowy blue to purple gradient
Photo of the sky with an orange, blue and purple gradient
Photo of the sky with a rainbow-like gradient
Crumpet sleeping upside down in a small bed

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