Hi! πŸ‘‹ I'm Daniel, a software engineer living in Canberra, Australia.

Welcome to my personal site! This is where I post the things I have written, the photos I have taken, the bookmarks I have saved, the places I have been, and a whole bunch more.

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My Home Screen for March '24

My Home Screen for March '24 Shrinking down the music widget and bringing in a couple more apps β€” specifically Mail. I tried opening it with a swipe down & search, but I have been using it more and more this last month, so it gets ...

My Home Screen for Feb '24

My Home Screen for February'24

(Ignore the unreads β€” I will reply to them at some point!)

  • Obsidian is a staple, notes used to be my go to, but I've found so much more utility with Obsidian.
  • A couple of shortcuts for posting to th...

TIL: Testing actions in Hanami 2

I was pairing with a colleague this afternoon at work on trying to test an action in Hanami 2 where we explicitly needed to read the body of the request.

The action looked something like this:

class MyAction < Action
    before_action ...

2023 Tunes!

This year I tried my darndest to Scrobble more to last.fm like it was 2008. This was made difficult by how tricky scrobbling from modern streaming services is. If anything is to count as a scrobble, it needs to be in the your "library&q...

Advent of Code 2023 β€” Day 9

More camels and oasis-es, less cards.

In this puzzle, we're using our trusty Oasis And Sand Instability Sensor β€”Β OASIS β€” to analyse our surroundings.

The OASIS produces a history for each value, and we need to extrapolate the next valu...

πŸ“Έ Photos

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Rod Laver Arena
Two dogs bunched together sitting on a lap β€” when there is a whole couch to be sat on.
A wheelbarrow with tulips growing out of it, and the word Floriade written on the front
Lake Burley Griffin
A screenshot of Cyberpunk 2077
A map showing the route from Rotorua to Auckland, via Hobbiton
A view of lake Rotorua
The view of Lake Taupō from town, looking towards Mt Tongariro in the south
The road out of Wellington, heading north
Visiting the Kuttners
The Wellington waterfront with Te Papa in the distance
An Apple Maps screenshot showing a route from Tongariro to Wellington via Whanganui
πŸ—ΊοΈ Last seen at Jolimont Tourist Centre

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