Send push notifications via curl

I've been using RTX for a couple of personal projects recently β€” it's looking pretty promising and I might give it a go with some work prjects, given that it can drop in in place of asdf

As applications built on Rails get larger and larger, and more and more engineers work in the same monolith, our community needs to think more about what sort of tooling and architectural changes will help us continue to scale. This talk shares ideas around a toolchain, and more importantly, the social and cultural programs needed to support that toolchain, that can be used to help engineers in an ever-growing Rails codebase continue to have high velocity, manage their complexity, and claim ownership over their own business subdomains.

Guess the year a photo was taken. A contender for 1-more-round-itis right up there with Civilisation

There's something about this charicature-like artform that keeps me coming back to this almost 2-decade long thread.

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