Week 6 β€” Sleepless in CBR

  • This week, the temperature has cooled way down in Canberra. I've had to double up on long sleeve shirts some days to stay warm, and some of the leaves on our trees are starting to turn πŸ‚
  • I've been playing through the new "Lightfall" campaign in Destiny 2 on legendary difficulty and it has been fun! I'm not super in to the new sub-class yet, but I guess that's because I've only played it as part of the campaign (and because fusion grenades + starfire protocol is just so much fun).
  • Crumpet is prone to seizures, and while she's been pretty good over the last few months, she had one again on Wednesday. We (so far) haven't been able to work out what could be causing them. Our suspicion was stress, but since we have made some changes to reduce the stress she may have been under, she still seems to have them. Her last one was in January, and the only line we can draw between them is that I forgot to feed her on time, so our current theory is it's blood-sugar related.
  • I swear our house has been cursed this week πŸ˜…. Both dogs are having some digestive distress, needing to get up at all hours of the night to go outside. Our smoke alarms are also weirdly going off in the middle of the night too. This has made for a week of sleep deprivation. Both pups are looking to be on the path of recovery this morning ❀️ Two dogs curled up in my lap
  • I signed up for first #rubyfriend a few months ago, and found someone to mentor only recently! Our first chat was great, and I am glad that there are still new web developers getting in to Ruby as their first language (over something more trendy)! It sounds super challenging for junior engineers out there right now, and it sounds like some places are interviewing juniors as if they're at the mid-senior level.
  • New shoots are growing on the avo this week! New growth on an avocado plant

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