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Laying the Cultural and Technical Foundation for Big Rails by Alex Evanczuk

As applications built on Rails get larger and larger, and more and more engineers work in the same monolith, our community needs to think mor...
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Week 3 β€” Ruby Ruby Ruby.

Week 1 β€” This time, for sure.

  • πŸ“² New blog, who this? I have been re-building this site with Hanami & Tailwind, following the W3C's Micropub spec (mainly so I can l...

Ruby learning materials.

I often get asked about recommendations for resources to learn Ruby (and how to program, generally). This list is intended to catalogue the v...

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Deploying a Hanami 2.0 app to fly.io.

I have a couple of small hobby apps that were on Heroku's free tier (RIP) that I have now moved over to Fly.io. Fly.io has a migrate from...

Functional Programming in Ruby - Flow Control

Functional Programming in Ruby - Closures

The Ruby Module Builder Pattern - dejimata

Boundaries β€” Destroy All Software Talks

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A conversational introduction to rom-rb Β· Icelab Β· an Australian design studio

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I am a puts debuggerer | Tenderlovemaking

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