Week 14 — Blog updates

  • Regular length week this week ;)
  • I have been adding some behind the scenes features to this blog. Up until now, I have been using a handful of micropub clients, and some Ruby scripts to publish and manage posts. This has all been working well thus far, but the micropub spec doesn't include general admin features (like managing tags). So, I've setup a new Hanami slice to handle some admin functions. For now this just includes the ability to remove tags, and to setup auto-tagging for posts based on their content or title.
  • I've also setup a new movies page based on movies in my letterboxd. For now, it's pretty static, but I am hoping I can sync it up to the RSS feed of my profile so that new entries come through.
  • I played a bit of Hitman 3over the weekend. I picked it up and started it when it came out, but never got around to finishing the last few campaign missions. I've only got a few left to go, but jumping back in has reminded me just how much of a masterclass in game, level and puzzle design Hitman 3 is. Where Doom was all about finding the red key to get through the red door, Hitman is about finding any possible way around that door with, or without the key — all the while dressed in some wackadoo disguise trying no to get caught.
  • We've been churning a few more pizzas out of the pizza oven this weekend, and I think that we're finally on to a reliable technique. We didn't get a thermometer with the oven, so it's been a bit of guess work to understand when the oven is ready to cook. The general guidance is 15 mins once lit, but that previously resulted in slightly undercooked pizzas. Turns out waiting ~20 mins or so, was the ticket — as was rolling out thinner dough :D

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