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Week 16 β€” Four more months!

This week's post marks 4 months of weekly posts! I have never really gotten in to the habit of writing (as much as I have wanted to), but...

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Week 14 β€” Blog updates

  • Regular length week this week ;)
  • I have been adding some behind the scenes features to this blog. Up until now, I have been using a handful ...

Week 3 β€” Ruby Ruby Ruby.

Week 1 β€” This time, for sure.

  • πŸ“² New blog, who this? I have been re-building this site with Hanami & Tailwind, following the W3C's Micropub spec (mainly so I can l...

Deploying a Hanami 2.0 app to fly.io.

I have a couple of small hobby apps that were on Heroku's free tier (RIP) that I have now moved over to Fly.io. Fly.io has a migrate from...

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