Week 1 β€” This time, for sure.

  • πŸ“² New blog, who this? I have been re-building this site with Hanami & Tailwind, following the W3C's Micropub spec (mainly so I can leverage plethora of amazing compatible clients out there to write posts like this).
  • Since the enshitification of Twitter, I have been reflecting on the permanence of the things I put online. Not that I want the things I put online to be there forever, but more that I would like to be the one to control when they go away. To that end I have moved to self-host the things I consider to be important. Right now that is this blog, a single user Mastodon instance, and my RSS aggregator.
  • A little while ago, Hanami rolled out its 2.0 release. As a long-time fan of rodakase and the dry-* ecosystem of Gems, it's super exciting to have a modern framework in Ruby-land. Towards the end of 2022, my team at work spun up a brand new product over the course of 3 months or so, using one of the later betas of Hanami. The service has been rock-solid, and includes things like a mock data layer that can be optionally swapped in for the live data layer to make things like local development and demo data generation possible. This was made maddeningly easy by Hanami's provider API. I didn't get to write much of the code for this, and as such have re-written this site in Hanami, and I plan to open-source it soon!
  • Abby and I have been watching The Last of Us, and gross retconning of the origins of the parasite aside, it has been pretty enjoyable. It's been a long time since I played the game, so I have totally forgotten some of the smaller story beats. This week's episode was an incredibly touching arc of the lives of Bill and Frank. Characters, who, in the game were only hinted at being romantically involved. HBO took this, ran with it, and made the room incredibly dusty for about 2 hours. Helluva backstory just to explain how Joel was able to pick up a spare car battery.
  • I'm trying Vim again for reals this time. I am not writing a whole lot of code these days, so the overhead of Rubymine just to read some code, or make some small changes here and there is just too much. My previous attempts at learning Vim were made tricky by wanting to be as productive as I was in an editor like VSCode or RubyMine. Now that I'm not so much on the critical path of getting code out, this might be a good time to learn. So far, it's been pretty enjoyable, and since I have iTerm open all day anyway, there's one less thing to keep running.
  • I have been growing an Avocado in a pot on my desk. It looked a bit shaky after I repotted it from a smaller glass container. But this week there's been some new growth! A small avocado plant with a few leaves of new growth

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