Week 24 β€” Excited about events

  • Almost half way through the year, and half way through winter! This weekend was a beauty here in Canberra. It was sunny as usual, but we had a couple of days of weather warm enough to leave some windows and doors open. Now this is probably due to the Earth's climate falling to pieces, so not all great news, but still a couple of enjoyable moments to be had.
  • One of the principal engineers at work recommended to me this episode of the Streaming Audio podcast. A podcast by the folks at Confluent about their product, Kafka. Kafka is an event streaming platform, a common use of which is to share data from one application, to many other applications. The episode was about building and designing events and event streams (with Kafka, but the theory seems to be system agnostic). The episode covered four dimensions of event and event stream design that made the penny drop for how I have been thinking about these things. It was yet another one of those cases where something so obvious is given a label and a definition and that simple act makes everything just click in to place! After listening to that episode, I went back and listened to a bunch of earlier episodes and now I cannot wait to get in to work on Monday and start putting some of these ideas together!
  • I have been doing a bit more work on the admin side of this blog this weekend and noticed a couple of places where I had imported some dependencies in Hanami, but never used them in the class that imported them. This got me thinking that perhaps a rubocop rule might make sense to help clean some of these cases up. There is very little impact from importing a dependency and never using it (at least in a project the size of this blog), but I think it'd be a good thing to keep under control. I've started writing a rule to address this, and it kinda works, slowly. So some more digging is required (I don't even know if I am doing things the right way because the only documentation I can seem to find on rubocop is its source code).
  • GUNSHIP have released a new song and have a new album up for pre-order! The song is called "Monster in Paradise". Thematically, their music and music videos are exactly my jam so I am very excited to add a third album to the rotation!

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