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Well that's a wrap on Super Mario Bros. Wonder!

The title screen of Super Mario Bros. Wonder showing a save with all 6 medals collected

I think I spent upwards of 200 lives in the special world alone, with at least 100 of those going to this absolute pain of a level

The last 30 seconds of 45 of the level "Fluff-Puff Peaks Special Climb to the Beat"

Week 46 β€” The final countdown!

  • It's the last week of the work year! And with it comes the mayhem of trying to wrap everything up lest it's forgotten in the ~2-3 weeks between now an when we get back to it.
  • Barkly was feeling a bit poorly earlier in the week. When...

Week 14 β€” Blog updates

  • Regular length week this week ;)
  • I have been adding some behind the scenes features to this blog. Up until now, I have been using a handful of micropub clients, and some Ruby scripts to publish and manage posts. This has all been working we...

Guess the year a photo was taken. A contender for 1-more-round-itis right up there with Civilisation

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