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Week 15 β€” Hiyah!

It's Tears of the Kingdom time! I played the heck out of Breath of the Wild, and am so excited for this instalment in the series. I am not usually a fan of open world games, but that's usually because there's only a small section...

Week 6 β€” Sleepless in CBR

  • This week, the temperature has cooled way down in Canberra. I've had to double up on long sleeve shirts some days to stay warm, and some of the leaves on our trees are starting to turn πŸ‚
  • I've been playing through the new "Ligh...

<p>Crumpet does this thing where she throws herself around in her bed to get comfortable β€” this was how she landed.</p>

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Crumpet ready to give today's update.

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