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Week 34 β€” Ooo shiny

  • Happy new iPhone and new iOS week to all who observe! I have been holding off upgrading my phone for a few years now. I picked up a 12 mini at the height of the pandemic (when going too far from a charger was not all that frequent) and have...

Week 32 β€” Back to normal

  • This week, I finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things! But we'll see how long that lasts as we're getting in to planning for the next quarter at work (and Abby is off overseas in the next few weeks).
  • I have been chippin...

Week 6 β€” Sleepless in CBR

  • This week, the temperature has cooled way down in Canberra. I've had to double up on long sleeve shirts some days to stay warm, and some of the leaves on our trees are starting to turn πŸ‚
  • I've been playing through the new "Ligh...


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