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Week 34 β€” Ooo shiny

  • Happy new iPhone and new iOS week to all who observe! I have been holding off upgrading my phone for a few years now. I picked up a 12 mini at the height of the pandemic (when going too far from a charger was not all that frequent) and have...

Update 1 β€” G'day mate

The first few weeks of any new project are always the most exciting! When exploration and problem solving us abundant, and suffering for decisions of yesterday is scarce.

Over the last few weeks I have been putting together a small app to h...

Week 27 β€” Blues and travelling

  • We're getting ready for a couple weeks of holiday in the coming weeks! It'll be the first time we've had a proper holiday since 2017, and I am so excited! There are no concrete plans, other than get on a plan to New Zealand, pic...

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