Week 27 β€” Blues and travelling

  • We're getting ready for a couple weeks of holiday in the coming weeks! It'll be the first time we've had a proper holiday since 2017, and I am so excited! There are no concrete plans, other than get on a plan to New Zealand, pick up a hire-car and then work it out from there. So the only things we really need to do are make sure we can dip out of work easily and pack our bags!
  • We had a birthday in the family over the weekend, and as part of the celebration, we went on down to the Harmonie German Club (which has a giant, free-standing piece of the Berlin wall out the front) for a night of Blues and beers. The handful of acts we saw were all Canberra based, and it was so good to see such a rich display of talented Blues musicians hailing from this fair city.
  • Speaking of music, some new local neighbours have been blasting tunes in their backyard for the last week or so. Some nights it's being going late in to the evening which is both out of the ordinary for the normally-quiet suburb we live in, but also frustrating as a couple of our neighbours are either elderly or have young kiddos.
  • I have been plugging away at the iOS app I mentioned last week. Making notes, scribbles and screenshots to start a development blog with. I hit my first wall with SwiftData during this week. I am trying to run a query with a variable as part of it. It currently works when I hardcode the string, but the moment I pass it in from another view, the app hangs infinitely and starts assigning huge amounts of memory. Apparently this is a known issue, so fingers cross that Xcode 15.0 beta 6 patches this pesky behaviour :)

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