Week 5 β€” Plant's alive!

  • I've been working on the backend of this blog to pull in all the stuff I have, from various places of the internet. So far, that's been photos off of Instagram as well as places I have checked in to on Swarm. It's been a bit of fun to build in these fairly simple features, free from performance constraints and the like. Since everything on this site is a "post", the most involved part has been working out how to store images such that when I want to move hosts later, or split asset and web hosting, nothing breaks. Where I have landed with that is to save absolute image URLs on posts, and then later, I can proxy requests for images (that match the current storage pattern), to wherever the new host is. Or update the persisted image URLs to have the new host πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ.
  • Went and saw Alexisonfire on Saturday, and holy shit, what a show!! They played tracks from their entire discography, and every, single, one, was a banger. As each song faded out, the crowd would clap and cheer, and as the first few bars of the next song rang out, that cheering would turn in to shouts of surprise and joy. It was amazing to feel that energy again after a few years off, and I hope they make it back in less than a decade and a half this time!
  • We've been catching up on the episodes of The Last Of Us that were on while I was away. It continues to be a good show. I appreciate the extra mile they're going to build all of the characters up. It's a far more interesting approach than the main story arch, but I am keen to see that out to hear Abby's thoughts on Joel's decision to ultimately save Ellie.
  • The avocado has grown so much in the last 2 weeks! I was kind of worried because I watered it enough for a week, but it was relatively hot and dry in Canberra while I was gone. Thankfully, all that was for naught! πŸŒΏπŸ†™ A small avocado plant with 7 leaves. 6 of which are about 15cm long each

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