Week 11 — Easter

  • Another short week this week on account of Easter, which was nice! Speaking of, Greek Easter is this weekend — so Χριστός Ανέστη to all who celebrate :D
  • I've been working on clearing out all of the brush around our shed over the last few weekends. There's a growing number of piles of twigs, leaves and bigger branches to go in our green bin, but I am mostly excited to mulch the smaller branches to scatter around the trees and plants we do want to keep :) Once the shed is clear, we can decide if we want to keep it there or not, but right now being hemmed in by bushes and small trees is making it hard to decide. The one benefit it does give us (other than storage) is that it blocks sight-lines over our meter-or-so-tall back fence in to our neighbours yard.
  • I've been getting back in to Magic the Gathering this week. The iPad app is super nice, and (so far) it's not as predatory as many other free to play games. They give you a bunch of starter decks, presumably as some kind of core set, and it's currently more than enough to be able to play around with some interesting decks!
  • We've been subscribed to Thieves coffee for a little while now, and while the variety is good, it can be tricky to remember which beans were decent and what was good about them. Last year, I saved all of the bean bags and wrote some notes on the back of them. This worked OK, but I have been looking for something that is a bit more solid, in terms of going back to find good beans and brew methods. I recently found Tasting Grounds (excellent name) which basically fills all I am after in terms of keeping track of various beans and the results of brew methods I try with them. My notes on the old bean bags aren't as detailed as what is available in Tasting Grounds, so I probably won't backfill them, but I am glad to have something decent going forward!
  • I've also been chipping away at updates to this site over the last few week nights. A couple of new pages and a couple of new ways to explore posts should be ready to go in the next couple of days!

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