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Week 42 β€” Spending more time with Hanami 🌸

  • I made a couple of updates to this site this weekend. Mainly some behind the scenes things to update Hanami to 2.1.0rc2 and to bring some of the core pieces in line with what will be generated when 2.1.0 ships! A couple of highlights:

Week 41 β€” 10-ex-productivity

  • It's finally starting to feel like summer here now! I've been wearing shorts and a t-shirt for most of the week. It's nice not not be freezing all of the time, but I would trade that for the garden not being burnt to a crisp!
  • It...

Week 36 β€” 🐣

Abby is off to the UK for the next 2 weeks. So it's just been me and the dogs kicking about at home. The last time she was overseas while I was at home was before the pandemic when she was posted overseas for a few weeks. Back then, it w...

Week 32 β€” Back to normal

  • This week, I finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things! But we'll see how long that lasts as we're getting in to planning for the next quarter at work (and Abby is off overseas in the next few weeks).
  • I have been chippin...

Week 31 β€” Something need doing?

  • This week was our first week back at work post-holiday. What a shock to the system πŸ˜…! While nothing at work was on-fire, there were several days in the week where I thought to myself "was I able to do all of this before" β€” it was ...


Rotorua; Kiwi watching (not pictured), Government gardens, Te Puia

Week 29 β€” New Zealand pt. 1

  • This week, Abby and I have been travelling around New Zealand. We left Sydney on Monday night, and got in to our hotel in Aukland early on Tuesday morning. Our itinerary consisted of 2 nights in a hotel, and a booked car for 10 days. Where ...

Week 12 β€” Layoffs

  • This week has been rough on many fronts. Layoffs at work have meant we have lost some of the most brilliant people I have had the chance to work with. Some had been with us for a good chunk of their career and the company's life. It'...

Week 11 β€” Easter

  • Another short week this week on account of Easter, which was nice! Speaking of, Greek Easter is this weekend β€” so Ξ§ΟΞΉΟƒΟ„ΟŒΟ‚ Ανέστη to all who celebrate :D
  • I've been working on clearing out all of the brush around our shed over the last fe...


Garden party


Japanese tea gardens


Fitzroy Gardens #melbourne


@colourgarden talking about SASS at #melb_geeks (sorry your eyes are shut!)

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