Week of 5 February

  • Abby and I spent this week in Melbourne β€” we both had work things that both happened to land this week. It was the first tome we stayed in the CBD since we lived there and I don't think either of us miss the madness of it all.
  • My work thing went from Tuesday to Friday (though I travelled in on Monday), and with jam-packed days, and something on every night, it was exhausting! I definitely felt rundown coming in to Saturday morning, but after turning in to a human paperweight, and drinking my bodyweight in water, I am feeling a heap better today.
  • While I was in Melbourne, I caught up with my brother and picked up some of the new Murders at Karlov Manor Commander pre-cons (pre-constructed decks). While we were in line at the store, he tole me a story of his previous deck coming full of duplicates (commander decks are only allowed one of each card in them), and that he had to get on to customer support to sort it. We joked that the odds of it happening again would be suuuuper low β€” but, to my surprise, one of the decks I picked up also had 1 duplicate, so, not as bad, but still missing cards. As I was filling out the support request, my engineering brain was turning, wondering how they could have managed this kind of bug. The deck had the correct number of cards in it, just there was 1 card where another should have been!
  • I took some time this weekend to make some improvements to the blog. I had been thinking about how I wanted to manage webmentions for a while, and on the back of building out the admin area a few weeks ago, I put together a workflow to check webmentions that have been deleted from the source, and then archive them on my site. This is largely so that if anyone wants to delete a comment they made on the web, my site isn't holding on to it forever. The way the check works at the moment is to confirm 5 times that the mention has been removed (once each day), just to account for potentially down blog / mastodon servers that may come back up. If the source URL returns an error on the 5th attempt, the comment is removed.
  • I also added a /blogroll page to the site, powered by my RSS aggregator β€”Β which I also self-host. I started adding a manual page, but I would absolutely forget to add or remove a feed. This way, whenever I subscribe to a new feed and make it public, the blogroll page will be aware of it and list it accordingly.

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