Week of 19 February

  • It was a warm one this week! Perhaps summer giving its last hurrah before we dive in to the chill of a Canberra Autumn!
  • Work has been quite stressful these last few weeks β€” I'm leading the upgrade of a service that is central to our platforms operation but has been largely unowned for quite some time. Thankfully, it's well documented, but that doesn't take much away from the anxiety of making changes when the side effects can be sweeping! This is on top of needing to do a handover of my role and kick-off another project! Anyway, one thing at a time, and onwards we go!
  • I spent the weekend at our new place doing some cleanup and prepping for it to be painted. This largely involved pulling up some carpets and removing some cabinets β€” thankfully the flooring and walls behind everything was in pretty good nick, now to get it call cleaned up :D

A rolled up carpet showing a clean and polished floor underneath Piles of junk!

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The stage at "The Forum" in Melbourne.






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