Week 9 β€” Pizza time

  • We've recently purchased an Ooni pizza oven πŸŽ‰. Our closest Good Pizza Placeβ„’ is a 40min round trip away. Which is fine if we can eat in, but because the pizzas are so thin, they travel incredibly poorly! We used to have a pizza stone for our oven, but that a few years ago in a cleaning mishap. We planned to replace it with a pizza steel, but the pull of a wood-fired pizza oven was too powerful! Expect more pizza and pizza-adjacent content in the future :)
  • Daylight savings time ends this weekend. This means we're back to GMT +10, with much longer stretches of darkness in the evenings. I guess the only advantage is now I can get up early to walk the dogs and not be walking around in darkness πŸ˜†
  • Abby and I have been playing Tunic (Wikipedia) on the Switch. It's a Zelda-like in that there's fairly simple (yet difficult) combat, mixed with some puzzle solving. There is a beautifully illustrated in-game manual that starts off pretty bare (only a couple of pages), and slowly fills out as you discover more and more pages. The game also has its own language, which is possible to start piecing together through context clues and repetition. So the combo of no manual, and a foreign language makes for a great mystery and brings back that feeling of playing an old Playstation game that your mate managed to find a Japanese version of.
  • Greek easter is almost upon us, and the Greek bakery out in Gungahlin has started selling tsoureki! It's not even close to my yiayia's recipe, but it is still very tasty and nice to be able to get a hold of for a few weeks of the year :)
  • The avo is not looking so good this week. I think I may have over watered it now that the days are cooler, and some of the leaves have curled up 😬. I do have another seed that has just sprouted some roots, so if this one doesn't make it, there could be a backup!

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