Week 7 β€” Same same, but different

  • I finished the Lightfall campaign this week on legendary! It was pretty amazing knocking over the last encounter solo. It took me a bit of bumping up against the whack physics in Destiny, but got there in the end :) The missions and setting were more to my liking than The Witch Queen, but the story and writing just felt so awkward β€” especially this close to The Final Shape. I just hope a bunch of the major details introduced in this expansion get addressed as the seasons play out.
  • The dogs are well on the mend this week! A few days of probiotics had them back to their normal selves in no time at all. Nothing worse than a sick pet and the guessing game of what might be causing them grief!
  • I had a couple of super long meetings at work this week (~3hours or so on Zoom). I have to say, headphones with transparency mode go a long long way to reducing Zoom fatigue. I found myself straining to listen out for things happening around me with traditional headphones, and getting a mix of house noises and people's voices makes for a more natural listening experience.
  • The weather in Canberra has continued to be weird for this time of year. We're back up in the 30s again. Only a month away from ANZAC day (when things start to get properly cold) and I'm still running around in shorts and a t-shirt!
  • The new avo growth has been coming up nicely :) I took a couple photos of it during the week as it sat here on my desk. After some rudimentary lining up, I gave the images to an AI and it interpolated them in to the video below! 3 new leaves on an avocado plant growing

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