Week 47 β€” It's Christmas time, again

  • What a week! I was hoping for a quiet fade out to the end of the year β€” but as with most things this year β€” it was not meant to be! The week started off with a precautionary incident response that needed to happen across multiple teams. The change itself was small, but required coordination, and with many people already checking out for the year, it proved slightly challenging! We got there in the end, but it was defiantly not the beginning of the end that many of us were hoping for.

  • We also had our share-backs for our plans for Q1 this week, which highlighted a dependency that no one was account for, which then resulted in a scramble to iron out details before everyone took off for the year.

  • But after all that, we did manage to land the year smoothly. With a couple of heartfelt sign-offs, and see ya layers, it felt like everyone was pretty thankful for the year that was even though it was a slog for more of it than we would have wanted. - We drove to Melbourne over the weekend. Traffic was pretty light on, except for a handful of pockets, and a handful of road-ragers, but generally pretty good!

  • Today, we're preparing for Christmas and a Christmas Eve dinner / trivia! Christmas Eve is quickly becoming my favourite tradition in this family. A few of us get together, do a Kris Kringle, play some shitty novelty board game and then call it once everyone has had too much to eat and drink! Zero stress, zero expectations, and 100% fun.

  • This week I also finally got webmentions working on my site after a year of trying to debug bridgy and webmentions, I finally got it working, so stay tuned for a post on that shortly :)

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