Week 37 β€” A change is as good as a holiday

  • For a couple of years we've been subscribed to Thieves coffee. They ship us a kilo of coffee roasted for filter each month, and each month is a new roaster! So it's a great way to check out a bunch of different roasters. Abby recently gave up caffeine, and switched to decaf, so we dropped the amount of coffee shipped to half a kilo. It's been a few weeks of trial and error to work out how much coffee to put in to the mocca master. I totally goofed it last week and finished our month's supply of coffee before the next shipment arrived and needed to buy beans from the supermarket! I have to say, putting beans roasted for espresso through a drip filter was definitely an experience! The first day's batch gave me I-can-see-through-time vibes, so I had to realllly dial it back for the remainder of this week.
  • We give the dogs a teeth cleaning treat each day to help clean their molars. For ages, I have kept the packet next to their bowls and they have largely ignored them, despite loving the treats. This morning, I popped out to the supermarket to do the grocery shopping, and came back to the packet ripped to shreds, and all the treats gone. I couldn't work out who instigated the crime, but they both seemed incredibly guilty when I got home, and have both been pretty sleepy this afternoon. I'm sure it's not great that they eat so many treats, so I'm keeping an eye on them in case they start to feel ill.
  • I finished Blasphemous last over the weekend (except for a super hard final boss), and have been in the mode for more souls-like games while I have a bit of time to myself and can focus on getting in to the world and lore. I did look at Blasphemous II, but ended up picking up Remnant II instead, just for a bit of variety and depth. So far it's been super impressive! I played the first one when it was free and bounced right off β€” largely because of the repetitive nature of the enemies and encounters. The sequel totally remedies that, it's incredibly diverse (in terms of characters, enemies and biomes).
  • I also re-organised my office this week in an effort to increase the amount of natural light coming in. I have a skinny book-case that sits next to my desk, but it unfortunately covered part of the window next to my desk. It's now been moved away and things are so much brighter! I do love a good office re-shuffle, the change is very refreshing, especially since I spend the majority of my time there!
  • This week, Australia voted to give our First Nations people a voice in Parliament. Unsurprisingly, our country is incredible at showing its selfishness, with a majority of people voting "no". The two consolations are that the majority of people in the ACT voted "yes" (the only state or territory to do so), and the increased awareness of issues effecting our First Nations people.

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