Week 33 β€” 🫠

  • This week has been a planning week at work, along with the regular things that we need to keep on top of. And while I do enjoy being prepared for what is to come, it can be tricky to balance introducing and thinking about new work, with trying to, focus on and wrap up current work (especially as the new work is always exciting, even when we will inevitably hit the same pitfalls as the current boring work πŸ˜‚)
  • Speaking of boring work, I spent Sunday with a couple of aces co-workers doing a database upgrade. We had intended to run an upgrade on both data centres, but ended up bailing on one since the one we started on took waaaaay longer than expected. We got there in the end, but holy moly are these things nerve wracking.
  • I have been enjoying the new additions to PlayStations free games library, with 2 or 3 games on my wish list becoming available over the last few weeks. Namely Ace Combat 7 (the 2nd of which got me in the habit of inverted camera controls and why I have to pause every game to flip the setting every frickin time)
  • It was a pretty long week, and a pretty short weekend, but we did spend Saturday in the park with our friend's one year old and our dogs. The one-year-old is obsessed with dogs, but also slides, so it was a tough choice which involved many back and forth trips between things of interest. Even during long weeks and weekends full of work, it's moments like these that kinda make it all worth it.

A couple of dogs in the park

  • As do moments like the picture below, taken moments after wrapping up the database upgrade mentioned above.

Two dogs lying on a leg

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