Week 30 β€” New Zealand pt. 2 and back home

  • We spent the first half of this week in New Zealand, wrapping up the rest of our trip from last week.
  • On Monday we drove out to Rotorua β€” a city with seemingly infinite geothermal activity. Local parks have fenced off geothermal pools, our residence had its heating and hot water kept warm from an on-site geothermal bore, and that good-good sulphur smell was omnipresent. The place we stayed did have a couple of mineral water hot pools to hop in, which was lovely. We initially intended on staying for only a night, but since this was our last big stop before heading back to Aukland (where we had already spent a couple days), we decided to add another night to our stay. This meant we were able to head off for a few short hikes and also see not one, but two Kiwi! We weren't allowed to take photos due to the little critters having sensitive eyes to flash, but believe me when I say they were cute AF.
  • On Wednesday we drove back to Aukland, via the Hobbiton movie set. I learned that the set that was originally built was all built up out of foams, plywoods and other non-permanent materials. And it was only when filming for The Hobbit commenced, did they build the set out of permanent materials with the intention of turning it in to a thing that people can visit and roam around. It was cool seeing all the detail that went in to making that set a reality. From things like small prop additions, to working chimneys and a totally fake silicon and steel tree!
  • We returned back home on Thursday after a short flight and bus-ride, where we commenced un-packing and doing all the fun post-trip activities!
  • I made a couple of small additions to the trips pages on this blog. Namely adding a short text field that can be filled in with whatever detail, and a map with the places visited during the trip.

A screenshot showing the trip detail screen

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