Week 28 β€” Another birthday weekend

  • Short week at work this week. This quarter's refresh day fell on Monday. It was sunny up in Canberra, so I used it to clean the fly screens and do some other outdoor tidying. On Thursday morning, I flew in to Melbourne and met some colleagues for coffee and lunch. Then, after work, it was off to my grandma's to surprise her with pizzas for her 85th birthday!
  • We spent Saturday catching up with family over lunch and dinner. But the highlight was watching the Matildas through 124 minutes of regular + over time, and then what felt like 90 hours of penalties to emerge victorious over the French. Soccer hasn't really been a sport I have been able to watch (usually because I don't really care all that much about the regular leagues), but when there's a game that's this historic for the women's league it's very hard to not get excited about.
  • This week was also my last week at work before a couple of weeks of holiday. In the lead up to taking off, I threw together a short list of things that need to be taken care of in my stead. Within moments of asking if anyone wants to take on some of the responsibilities, the whole team had divvied up everything among themselves. It was an incredible moment to see that everyone feels comfortable to pick up some aspect of the team's regular activities!
  • Tomorrow we're going out for dinner for a second celebration for my grandma's birthday (the lucky girl 😊). And then on Monday morning, I'm off to Sydney to meet Abby before we head on over to New Zealand (and I cannot wait!)

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