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  • I started a new iOS project this week to help out Abby's sewing hobby (but also to take a look at some of the new things with SwiftData). The last project I started with SwiftUI was a re-write of Mercury, but CoreData proved to be a right pain in the butt, so I quickly gave up. This time, I've started with SwiftData instead and even with a bunch of beta-related teething issues, it is so, so nice! The ability to define model classes in code (as well as their relationships) and let the wizards at Apple work out the underlying database magic is just what I wanted. I have wanted to write a dev blog for the longest time, so perhaps now that I have a brand new project, and a place to write a dev blog, this is my chance!
  • We had some family visit this weekend, which basically involved a couple of hangouts in the city, a couple of dinners at home and a trip to the pub to watch Australia get annihilated in the Bledisloe Cup.
  • I have been trying to work from my local co-working space a bit more over the last few months. And I finally got organised to go in on Thursday. Every time I go, I tell myself I should go back in next week, but then next week roles around and I am inevitably inundated with meetings, so going to a special space just to sit in a booth feels hardly worth it. Thursday was a rare meeting light day, so I was able to pop on some headphones and get through some work while enjoying the views over Woden.
  • My AirPods were on the fritz last week. I tried all of the suggested debugging steps, and then reached out to Apple support to see if they could suggest anything else, or if I should just take them in for an experienced Apple human to troubleshoot. I started the chat explaining everything I had tried and went in to detail about how I was able to re-produce the issue (which presented itself whenever the AirPods were adjusted or I jostled my head). I then spent the next 45 mins telling the lovely support person that I mentioned that I had tried all of their suggestions in my opening message before they gave up and booked me in to the Apple store for the weekend just past. I went a week without using my AirPods only to find that on the Saturday morning of my appointment, when I tried to reproduce the issue, they had magically fixed themselves πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ.

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