Week 21 β€” Melbourne time

  • This morning I flew out to Melbourne. I have a habit, when travelling, to get to wherever I need to be well in advance of the suggested arrival times. So if an airline is asking me to be at the gate ~40 mins before departure, I am usually there with another ~60 mins to spare. This usually works out well, and has meant that if there are massive queues for bag drops, or security, I have a decent buffer to get to a gate. And I don't think I am alone on this. Just this morning, while going through security, another passenger on my flight was ahead of me. They had unpacked their laptop, organised their belt, coat and phone in to a bundle and were through security in less than 2 mins. This got me thinking that I don't think I've had to wait in an atrociously long security line in a long time, and maybe I need to rethink my arrival times. But, then again, I do like that buffer to sit and read a book for a bit.
  • I finished the campaign of Diablo IV this week. They did such a good job paying homage to Diablo II (and almost ignoring Diablo III), with some quality throwbacks and tie-ins. I am still a bit unsure about how it all wrapped up. I mean, yes, there is room for whatever expansions they have planned, but I was hoping to have the characters that we met through the story be around in the world once the campaign was over. But, alas, maybe that will be something introduced in future DLCs, or as part of the later seasons. For now though, on to the grind to πŸ’― . I doubt I will come close, as the first season is a few weeks away, and I don't really want to start a new character just for this season having just made it past level 60, but we'll see how compelling the seasonal stuff is.
  • We've been continuing with Deadloch this week too, it's such a well written show. The comedy is gold, and the mystery, drama and characters feel real, and grounded in reality. I don't know if that's because it's an Australian show (so the lack of American or English accents is adding to the realism), or if it's because the characters have considered and realistic back stories, needs, and wants.

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