Week 20 β€” Stay a while and listen

I've been playing through Diablo IV this weekend β€” so far it has surpassed my expectations! Aesthetically, it feels much more like a direct sequel to Diablo II, than Diablo III. The whimsy of Diablo III was interesting at the time, but now that I have seen how much more appealing and immersive the art and sound of Diablo IV is, III looks a little out of place!

I've been a fan of the Diablo franchise since playing Diablo II over LAN with my brother almost 20 years ago 😱. I dug out my copy of Diablo II and was flicking through the physical manual that was included in the box. It included things like all the basics (how to even make the game go), but also details about every single skill in the game as well as in depth lore (including a world map). Much of this lore is now starting to be filled out as the world of Sanctuary is much more open and ready to explore. One such area is Scosglen. It appeared as a region that filled the north-eastern portion of Sanctuary and wasn't really spoken of much. Now, it's a whole region, with its own geography, weather, towns and inhabitants. I've always loved a good map at the start of a book, or in a manual, and I can't wait to dive further in to this world!

  • The map of Sanctuary included in the Diablo II manual. Showing a vague region labeled as "Scosglen"
  • The northern part of Sanctuary, as it appears in Diablo IV. Showing Scosglen in much more detail
  • Diablo 2 box art
  • A sample of the manual that came in the game box

This week we've been watching Deadloch. A series by the Kates McLennan and McCartney, and it is bloody hilarious. The premise starts out as familiar β€” couple of murders in a small country town β€” but they take it and turn it on its head part way through the first episode in the most brilliant way. I wont say much more, but check out the trailer, and, if you're sending Bezos your dollarydoos every month, give it watch!

We are pretty spoiled for good Australian TV at the moment, with a new season of Utopia out as well. Living in Canberra, and seeing first hand the interesting ways in which our Government functions, makes this series hit too close to home sometimes.

Lastly, I am off to Melbourne in a couple of weeks! Taking a quick scroll back though my weekly posts, it's been 16 weeks since I was there last (πŸ˜…) and I am very much looking forward to hanging out with family and friendos alike!

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