Week 19 β€” *Skippy sounds*

It's been icy this week! So much so that most mornings have involved frosty grass (which is always entertaining to see the dogs walk on before they realise how chilly it is).

It's also another short week as we celebrate(?) the King's birthday in most parts of Australia.

Abby and I went for a short bushwalk over the weekend and spotted these cuties laying about in the sun. This is definitely one of the better things about living in Canberra. We're only ~15 mins from "the city" but the fact that Canberra is ~70% open space, means we're also only 5 mins from bushland and the wildlife therein.

  • A mob of kangaroos chilling
  • A close up of the kangaroos

For a long time, I have been on the look out for copies of a couple of Alexisonfire's earlier records. While I haven't been able to find their self titled album, I did manage to find both Watch Out! and Crisis over this week! I discovered them in ~2007 by accident. I think I downloaded a collection of Rancid songs off of Limewire, and "This Could Be Anywhere in the World" was somehow included as part of that collection. It was (of course) mis-titled, but thankfully a lyric search or two later would lead me to the band I was looking for. Since then, I have had a massive appreciation for their music. I find it super relaxing , and now having it on vinyl means I can spend ~40 mins chilling out and focusing on just the music.

  • Alexisonfire' "Watch Out!" front cover
  • Alexisonfire' "Watch Out!" back cover

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