Week 17 — So long, Mercury

I took down Mercury from the iOS App Store this week and have opened a PR to remove it from the Mastodon marketing site. I built it in my spare time over ~2018-2020, then hit a bunch of App Store Review roadblocks. With the inability to address bugs or add features as Mastodon improved its API, the app basically stagnated. I originally built the app for myself to address a couple of shortcomings with some of the other apps on the App Store at the time. But thankfully the fine folks at TapBots have come along with Ivory, and the Mastodon API has added a couple of the things that Mercury was doing client side. So now felt like a good time to pull it from sale. Anyone who installed it should still be able to use it. I have a longer post-mortem post in the works that I will post here shortly.

Bungie announced a new game set in the Marathon universe. I never played the game released in '94, but I am very much digging the aesthetic of this one, and I am interested to see what they do with the "extraction shooter" genre.

I was joking with someone at work that we had just hit negatives over night in Canberra when we had our first -1°C night and it's not even winter. This weekend we had 2 nights of -6°C and our house has been unbearably cold! I've re-applying seals to all of our doors / windows to try and keep as much of the heat in. I guess we'll see how we go on our next sub-zero evening!

Speaking of work, this week my (and may others) roles were officially changed. I am now officially a Team Lead (though the actual transition to the role happened a month or so ago). The role essentially encompasses tech lead, delivery lead, people manager and in the case of some teams, product-manager-lite. I am still trying to work out how to actually work in the role given it pulls in a bunch of disciplines that were previously their own distinct role. Books like The Manager's Path have helped somewhat, as have my experiences working in different teams! I am hopeful and keen to learn all the things, so we'll see how this shakes out!

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