Week 10 β€” Double digits πŸŽ‰

  • I've been trying to get back in to scrobbling things I listen to to last.fm again. Partly so I can display the week's top track at the bottom of these posts, but also because I looked back at my scrobbles from 2008-2009 and found some tracks I had totally forgotten about! So in 15 years from now, if last.fm still around, I'll have that history to look back on. Sadly though, Apple Music's last.fm integration story is abysmal. On iPhone, you need to have the track in your library, and then remember to open the last.fm app to manually hit sync every now and then. There is an app that alleges to automatically scrobble for you, but I have yet to see it work. On the Mac, at least the last.fm app still exists, but I have also found that to be flaky, and it manages to keep getting blocked by work's security *waves hands* stuff. I have found https://cider.sh for the Mac to be a good Apple Music replacement though, and it has built in scrobbling, which means there's no need to rely on my memory to launch a second app. On the iPhone, it looks like Soor or Mavis Pro can act as drop in Music.app replacements, though I have yet to try either of them yet.
  • It's the easter long weekend this weekend. I am very much looking forward to 4 days off, after what has been a series of very chaotic weeks. As I write this, it's pouring down outside, and it's reminding me I need to clean my gutters β€” but that can be a tomorrow task :)
  • I wrapped up the "good" ending of Tunic this week. One of the things that frustrates me about adventure games with strong puzzle or mystery elements is the need to run around like mad trying to find said puzzles. Tunic overcomes this by putting all of the puzzle hints in the manual β€” then you just need to find the manual pages, which can be done mostly just by playing the story through and following hints on other pages. The only thing I needed to look up was how to decipher the game's language (because who has the time to figure it all out πŸ˜…). As I closed the game the other night, I noticed yet another unsolved puzzle, so I may revisit it next week to see what that is all about!
  • I have a couple of walking routes that I follow when taking the dogs out. Some go via a nearby school's football ovals, others via some bush-land. This week, I set out to try and find some new ones. I didn't have much luck, but I did discover a bunch of walk ways that cut through whole blocks, meaning I can get further away from home, faster and explore different paths back. We shall see how we go through the rest of the week!

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