Naming things is ~hard~ fun

Like most people*, I like to name the various devices in the house after a theme. For the longest time, my devices were unnamed, until I moved to Apple's ecosystem and picked up my first external SSD for time machine.

My chosen theme was the Metal Gear series, so naturally, the drive was named Solid Snake, and my MacBook was Roy Campbell. Fast forward a couple years and now the lineup looks like:

  • MacBook Pro — Zero
  • AirPods — Sigint
  • iPad — Shalashaska
  • iPhone — Fortune
  • Watch — Volgin
  • HomePod mini — Quiet
  • TV — Otacon
  • Wifi — Outer Haven
  • And then I have a room light and a lamp named Olga and Sunny respectively :)
  • ... as well as a previous iPhone and AirPods pairing of Ground Control and Major Tom (which were the only ones to break the theme).

The only annoying thing is that Air Drop shows the device name as a destination (which makes sense), but doesn't show who owns the device. A solution to this would be to leave everything as "Daniel's Whatever " — but where is the fun in that.

*computer nerds


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