Automatic watch face switching based on today's events
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Automatic watch face switching based on today's events

One of the most useful things about the Apple Watch is that you can setup any number of watch faces to display relevant and up to date information and then switch between them as needed.

For example, I have a week day face that shows me my calendar and a weekend face that does not. So on the weekends, I can switch over to the weekend face, and remove the large empty calendar complication from view.

For a while, I had an automation that would run at 5pm on Friaday and 6am on Monday to switch between the two faces and nine times out of ten, this worked perfectly. The one time out of ten that I had put something in my calendar to remind me of something for the weekend though, that's when this all came unstuck.

So to solve this, I wrote the automation pictured below to run at 6:30am each day and check to see if there are any events on for the day in any of my calendars, and then sets the current watch face to the appropriate face depending on the results.

Thankfully, you can name watch faces, so it's super obvious which face is which 🙃.