I'm currently a technical lead at Culture Amp, where I lead a small team working in a Rails monolith and across many microservices. Previously I worked with the wonderful humans of Icelab on a wide range of interesting and valuable projects.


I have been working on building this site to act as a repository for all my nonsense online, and as a way of encouraging me to write more!

It's built using Hanami 2, and conforms to the MicroPub spec. I've named it Adamantium — partly for my Mum and partly for super strong metal ;)

Where possible, I will try and post as much as I can here, and then syndicate out to services like Mastodon, but you can also find me on:


I currently live in Canberra with my partner and our dogs. We've been here since 2015, it's great. You should visit.

In my spare time I like to tinker on various Ruby projects (including the software that powers this blog), make things with Processing, explore the various hiking trails around Canberra and potter around in the garden.

2023 Goals

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