29 January 2017

3D game art from 2010

Whilst backing up an old hard drive, I stumbled upon a collection of game art I produced whilst at University. It was interesting to me to revisit a different aspect of my creative side and made me wonder how things could have panned out quite differently.

The following set of images are all rendered within the Unreal 3 engine and were all produced for a game that in retrospect was wildely ambitious.

Wood mask Wood hut Lamp statue Wood bridge

I also found a complete model that also had its concept art and various texture layers in tact.

Concept Diffuse map Normal map In game

We had decided to use the presence and absence of colour as a mechanic within the game. So in order to illustrate the lack of colour without things looking too weird, I put together a post processor within Unreal to give everything a cel shaded look.

Outline only Outline and colour Colour only